How to overcome fat use these two ways

Feeling fat??? Use these two ways to lose weight

Being fat is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumalated to an extent that it may have a negative effect on health. People are generally considered obese when their body mass index a measurement obtained by dividing a person's weight by the square of the person's height is over 30 kg. The range 25-30 kgs is defined as overweight. Some East Asian countries use lower values. Obesity increases the likelihood of various diseases and conditions particularly cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes etc. 

You !ay think that you decide how much food you eat, but you don't. A recent study published in the journal of consumer research has discovered two ways that your mind tricks you into eating !ore or less food without you knowing it.

Following are the ways :–1. LET YOUR PLATE CONTROL YOUR PORTION

When it comes to eating less reserchers have long known that a simple way to cut calories is to use a smaller plate. In one experiment conducted by Brian Wansink from Cornell University and Koert van Ittereum from the Georgia Institute of Technology, it was discovered that a shift from 12 inch plate to 10 inch plates results in a 22% decrease in calories. Assuming the average dinner is 800 calories this simple change would result in an estimated weight loss of more than 10 pounds over the course of one year.
While studies have proven over and over again that smaller plates lead to smaller portions the reason for this reduction had beenunknown until recently. Wansink and van Ittersum have concluded that smaller plates cause us to eat less thanks to a powerful optical illusion known as the Delboeuf Iluusion.


The size of your plate isn't the only thing that determines how much you eat. Wansink and van Ittersum have discovered that the color of your plate matters too.
The two men conducted an experiment where they examined the relationship between plate color and serving size. The researchers instructed one group of participants to serve themselves pasta pre–mixed with red tomato sauce and a second group to serve themselves pasta pre-mixed with a white Alfredo sauce. Each person was randomly given a white plate or a dark red plate.
The researchers discovered that when the color of the participants plate matched the color of their food they served them almost 30% more. In other words if you are pasta with red tomato sauce on a dark red plate you are almost 30% than you would if you had used a white plate. The same was true for eating pasta with a white Alfredo sauce on a white plate compared to a dark red plate.

The reason behind this drastic difference in serving size is that when the color of your food blends in with the color of your plate, then the amount of food dosen't appear to be as large.