Yoga as a Tool for Life

Yoga as a Tool for Life

Yoga helps us to strengthen our body, remind regain our focus and improve our self confidence. It can be practiced by any age group. Those who have made yoga a way of life and an essential way of living live a happy, healthy and a stress free life.

The most popular concepts about Yoga are - Asanas, physical stretches, breathing exercises and techniques to relax and focus the mind. There are many kinds of Yoga- Hatha Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Raja Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Sankhya Yoga, Tattwa Yoga etc.

Today Yoga is practiced mostly to attain physical fitness, stamina and weight loss. But Yoga as a holistic practice was seen as a tool to facilitate inner peace, self realization and mental purification. Yoga isn't just exercise, it's a state of mind. All over the world those who consider Yoga to be a set of breathing  exercises aiming at body- mind well-being are more than the number of people who consider Yoga to be a spiritual journey.

The term Yoga has been derived from the Sanskrit word yuj which means to harness.

Here are few health benefits of Yoga:-
# Increases energy and stamina
# Improves body flexibility
# Manages weight
# Tones your muscles and gives you a leaner look
# Improves cardio health
# Purifies blood and toxic level in our body
# Boosts emotional health
# Prevents various lifestyle related diseases
# Reduces stress
# Acts as insomnia buster
# Boosts memory

Yoga unites the body mind and soul and awakens the feeling of oneness with nature and the world. It is a holistic approach to live a healthy life by helping you discover the bond between you and the things around you. Yoga has multiple forms as mentioned above which can be practiced by everyone.

To reap the real benefits of Yoga one must meed to practise yoga on a regular basis. To see the results one must needs to make yoga a part of their lifestyle.

Yoga essentially originated in the subcontinent of India. It had been around since ancient times and was performed by yogis. In the early days the followers of Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism practiced it.

It is very essential to do Yoga as it helps in many ways as listed above so to live a good life one must do Yoga on a daily basis.

Yoga is the most favorable method to connect to the nature by balancing the mind-body connection. It is a type of exercise which performed through the balanced body and need to get control over diet, breathing, and physical postures. It is associated with the meditation of body and mind through the relaxation of body.