10 Foods to make you beautiful

10 Foods to make you beautiful

Here's what you can eat to feel good inside and look great on the outside.
Beauty is no longer perceived as a mere indulgence overloaded with skincare and make-up products. Rather, it is a form of self care. Nourishing supporting and loving yourself is what makes you truly beautiful.
Here are a few food choices to light you up from within:


This traditional energy drink is made of roasted Bengal gram and barely which provides three major minerals- calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, all required for strong bones, and plant-based proteins for lean muscle building. Drink it within 30 minutes of your workout as an evening tea replacer.
BEST TO:Boost energy and strength.


if you make this simple food rich in essential amino acids, biotin zinc and selenium, part of your daily meal plan , you do not need to worry about buying expensive chunky supplement pills meant for healthy hair skin and nails.
BEST TO: Combat hair fall and brittle nails.


Packed with ACE power { vitamin A,C and E} it is a perfect detoxifier,cleanser and healer.This helps clear acne and gives an even tone skin.Drink on an empty stomach or mix 1 tsp with a glass of water.
BEST FOR: Clear skin


This low maintenance succulent hydrates dry skin, heals acne, speeds up wound healing and even soothes burns. Have 1 tsp of aloe Vera gel on an empty stomach or apply as a mask for 15 minutes.
BEST FOR: lustrous skin and hair


With miracle antioxidant CoQ10, it can reduce premature ageing due to over-exposure to the sun. Tropical application can reduce pigmentation, dark circles and puffy eyes.
BEST FOR:Anti-ageing


Rich in folic acid Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E, it not only moisturizes dry skin but also prevents scarring. Blend it with yogurt and pomegranate to make your own skin tonic.
BEST FOR: Glow and radiance


popular for its colon cleansing benefits, this tri-herb formula is made with amla, haritaki and bibhitaki. Constipation and poor elimanation can lead to breakouts and dullness. Have 1 tsp with warm water at bedtime for best results. 
BEST FOR: Colon cleanse and skin detox


a natural probiotic that helps the growth of good bacteria in your colon. Poor gut health is linked to acne, eczema, rosacea due to an imbalance in bacterial growth leading to inflammation.
BEST FOR: Probiotic health


There is no beauty without happiness and there is no better food than banana to make you happy. Rich in tryptophan and B vitamins a banana a day can keep dullness away.
BEST FOR: brighten the skin


The most expensive spice in the world known as red gold has antioxidants that can reduce oxidative stress in the brain and increase the mood-elevating neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin. Add three to four strands to a cup of milk and have before bedtime.
BEST TO: Clear the skin calm your soul and better sleep.

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