10 Latest Edgy Hairstyles for Medium-Length Hair

10 Latest Edgy Hairstyles for Medium-Length Hair

The scope for medium-length hair to be edgy is rather limited. Here are some edgy hairstyles for medium length hair that you could try out:

1.Beachy waves with a mess:

Beachy waves are the best for medium-length hair and you must give it a shot if you want to bring out the mysterious, sexy lady in you. A little tangled flair will spice up the look even more.

2. Fringed Layered Waves with Curly Ends:

This beautiful medium-length layered bob with subtle highlights and lowlights is just right for an utmost gorgeous look. Curl up the ends of the layers in inward and outward directions respectively and let the thick fringes swing over your forehead.

3. Side-Parted Waves with Bang and Spiral Ends:

Part your flowy golden blonde waves to one side, add a little volume to the crown and create spiral curls at the ends of the layers neatly. The lovely side sweep and the fresh white flower have given the hairstyle a classic look.

4. Wavy Layers with Braided Headband:

If you have medium-length layered hair with natural waves, you will just need a simple braided headband to look trendy. The precise centre part, the subtle curly ends and the jet black shade are some other specialties of this hairstyle.

5. Messy Rippling Waves with Fringes:

Firstly, section off the thin random fringes from rest of your reddish brown blonde hair. Now, create rippling waves on it, make it a bit tangled and let it cascade your shoulders. Simple!

6. Wavy Blonde Hair with Twisted Front:

Here is a sweet blonde hairstyle, which is quite popular among girls these days. Create a side part in your wavy hair, twist up the front locks along the hairline and secure it right behind the ear.

7. Low Twisted Bun with Textured Wavy Bang:

A low bun can always give you a stylish look. Here, the hair is twisted and turned into a small bun at the nape of the neck, while the rest of the wavy hair as well as the side bang are textured well.

8. French Twist with Volumized Top:

Say one hairstyle that stands the test of time and the elegant
French twist will top the list. Here, a modified version of it has been shown in which you need to volumize the top of your glossy dark brown hair and transform it into a French-styled twist at the back.

9. Jet Black Retro Textured Curls:

Well, retro can also be edgy, if you can pull it off properly. Check out this jet black retro hairstyle in which the side-parted hair is curled up and textured intensely for a classy, neat look.

10.High Top Ponytail with Layered Curls:

This is one of the best funky edgy hairstyles , if you are blessed with thick natural curls. Pull all your curls together at the top and create a ponytail as high as possible. The curls should swing all around your head and use a nice hair accessory to hide the elastic band.