5 things every nail art addictive should have in her kit

5 things every nail art addictive should have  in her kit

For many of us the lasting appeal of nail art is that we can express our tastes without the aesthetic confines of hair and makeup. It’s a mini act of self-presentation. There’s specificity in how we choose to do our nails.
And now the canvas is growing. The newest nail art, largely inspired by the giddiness of the 1990’s spills onto the fingers and hands. Glitter rhinestones and beads make up most of the designs.
This is a 90’s robot. Its an evolution of that excessive aesthetic we’re seeing all over fashion and beauty and as anyone who ever bedazzled a denim jacket knows, rhinestones create big visual impact but are surprisingly easy to wield.

People find it very challenging to paint designs on nails. But putting down some eyelash glue and sticking on a rhinestone it’s so easy.
Some tips you should follow before doing hand art
Your hands should be oil free before applying hand art. Your work will last longer if your canvas isn’t moist.
Be conservative with glue. If you apply too much it’ll squeeze out at the sides when you top it with a bead. And it won’t dry clear.
When considering designs think about how your hand art complements your nails.

5 items every nail art addict needs in her manicure kit

Matte Top Coat:

 A matte topcoat instantly gives your nails a cool-girl, non- glossy mod finish

Nail polish correcting pen:

 you don’t have to be a pro nail artist to end up with flawless lookimg nails you just have to know how to clean up around your nail bed properly for a clean  professional finish. A polish erasing pen can help with that  , thanks to its precision tip which is  doused in polish  remover that can erase any mistakes along the side walls of your nails easily.

Glitter nail polish remover pads:

If you’re are a glitter girl well who isn’t!? but think glitter is a pain in the ass to get off, then you need to invest In a textured pad that \can help swipe off any finely milled or glitter in a flash.

 Nail Repair Formula.

 If you're constantly putting on false nails or getting gel polish applied to your nails, your nails can tend to be dry and brittle. It's a good idea to give your natural nails a break for a week and apply a formula nightly that restores and conditions your nails back to a healthy, strong state while you're polish-free.

Striping Tape. 

This very thin metallic tape can applied and kept on your nail to enhance your nail art, or it can be pressed onto your nail to create super straight lines and then lifted away


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