5 ways to keep away sweat odor away during summers

5 ways to keep away sweat odor away during summers

Body odor due to excessive sweating during summer can be controlled with these easy steps.

The problem of body odor persists a lot in summer when the scorching heat causes excessive sweating. Getting rid of unwanted hair and taking a shower are some ways to check it, say experts.

Here are a few tips suggested by dermatologists:

# Shower twice a day: Taking a bath twice a day is a perfect solution for those who sweat excessively. It not only cools you during the summer months but also targets your body odor.

# Let your body dry before dressing: It is better to let your body dry before putting on clothes. Wipe your body comprehensively with the towel to dry your body properly as wetness attracts sweat easily.

# Get rid of unwanted hair: Whether you wear full sleeved clothes or sleeveless tops and tees, you should get rid of the unwanted hair that may start giving a foul smell due to sweating.

# Use antibacterial soap: Anti-bacterial soap helps to counter the bacteria of the body which further helps to lessen the foul smell. Take advice from your dermatologist to select the soap as per your body type.

# Essential oils: Using essential oils like lavender, peppermint and pine are also the best way to reduce body odor. These oils not only give you a nice fragrance but last longer.