Dandruff tips at Home

5 Home Remedies To get rid of Dandruff

The most embarrassing thing that could happen when you’re dressed up for an interview or a formal dinner, is an all- consuming need to scratch an itchy scalp and also know that a cascade of white flakes would follow, onto a jet black blazer-laid bare for all to see. Dandruff is a medical problem that has managed to unite over half the adult population across the world beyond gender, race and age.
Dandruff is a scalp condition which is caused by a fungus, malassezia which feeds on sebum and the dead skin cells which occur naturally due to formation of new skin. Although this microbe is a normal part of the scalp, this is when it turns problematic- the fungus feeds on sebum breaking it down into fatty acids that may irritate the sensitive scalp of many. This is also the reason for dryness and itchiness on the scalp leading to the dead skin cells accumulating into visible flakes. The level of sensitivity of people to these fatty acids determines whether they develop acute or mild dandruff. If you’re looking for home remedies for dandruff we’re to help.

Malassezia thrive in moist environments and thus become a nuisance during summers and monsoons due to excessive humidity and sweating. However, the cold wind during winter robs the scalp of moisture and leads to dryness that result in itching and flaking. Clearly, dandruff is on duty all year round. Although there is no way to completely banish it from our lives there are a lot of remedies that can be used ‘at home’ to keep it under check.
Here are some home remedies that will help you in getting rid of dandruff::--

1.Do not oil hair and keep it for long:

 Delhi based Dermatologist said that “ its pure myth that oiling is good for hair and dandruff”. In fact applying oil will lead to more dandruff as oil is a like food for malassezia which leads to dandruff.
Applying oil to a dry itchy scalp may sound like heaven but may only exacerbate your dandruff condition, especially when you let it sit on your scalp for longer periods of time.


Vinegar helps in treating itchy, dry skin and also helps  to kill dandruff causing fungus and bacteria. The acidic content of vinegar is supremely beneficial to drastically reduce flaking. My favorite home remedy is to apply an equal quantity mixture of white vinegar with water on the scalp skin about half an hour before a head wash.

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3.Baking Soda:

Baking soda, acts as a scrub and exfoliates the scalp gently without irritating it and removing dead skin cells. Exfoliation is essential to ensure there is no build up of flakes on the scalp that make dandruff even more visible. Baking soda along with its exfoliation and anti-fungal properties, also soothes the scalp and reduces redness and itching.
You can simply add some baking soda to your shampoo while washing hair to derive its benefits.


All of us are aware of the role that neem extract plays in almost all skin medications because of its anti bacterial and antifungal qualities. Since dandruff can mostly be attributed to fungal colonization of scalp it is only right to turn this age-old remedy for skin ailments.

5.Tea tree oil:

All anti-acne and anti-fungal medications boast of tea tree oil due to its exceptional power to fight fungal and bacterial infections. Add a drop or two of tea tree oil to your shampoo and wash normally and notice the results sitting in the comfort of your home!

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