Tips to look Bold and Beautiful

Tips to look Bold and Beautiful

(BY-Gaurika Sharma)


Begin with cleansing. Toning and can apply a good primer to conceal scars.
minimise open pores on the cheeks and create smooth texture overall. If you prefer to keep the 
makeup light. apply BB cream and if you prefer to go a bit heavy on base. put on foundation with a flat brush. Let it sit for a minute before you  set your base with a compact powder.


Since the focus is on the lips, Keep the cheeks subtle. For an istant glow, apply an apricot blush on the apples of your cheeks and behind with a golden highlighter. 


prepare by a moisturising with good lip balm. leave it on for a minutes and remove the extra with the help of blotting tisues. onece the lips feel soft and smooth, apply a matte marsala shade. In case, you dont own one yet, blend your red lipsick with brown one using lip brush to acheive a earthy marsala hue.


For Dry Lips:- A dark shade like marsala tends to show up craks on dry lips. Use a tooth brush to remove the dead skin compeletely from your puckers and use lip balm before aplying the color.

For uneven tone:-To camouflage tanned or uneven lip color, mix broun and red shades to create marsala. Apply to coats of brown and finish with hint of red to make it intence.

For thin Lips:- Make you pout look fuller with marsala shade. define the outline of your lips, away from a natural lip line and  apply the marsala color you can finish with a glose.

EYES :- Choose a shimmery light gold eye shadow and swipe on the lids. Define the upper lash line  with a quik sweep of brown eyeliner. Rim the waterline with a bronze eye pencil. you can add a glittery hlighter in the inner corners of the eyes. Brush out the lashes with volumising mascara.

SKIN :- If the corners of your lips are with peeling skin. Could this be an allergic reaction?
There could be a few causes at work here. This may be an allergy to a toothpaste or lipstick. it could also mean that you have a vitamin B or iron deficiency. so take iron, folic acid and B complex  supplements. Another cause could be dryness or that  you lick your lips too much. Sometimes it is  hereditary too. Avoid licking your lips and dont wear lipstick for awhile. use a lip balm or ghee if your lips get dry. Keep the corners of the lips hydrated by using a moisturising cream thrice a day. avoid lip gloses or toothpastes with menthol, mint  or an alcohol base. your dermatologist may give you a miled cortisone cream if there is too much inflammation.

MAKE UP :- If the veins around your lip area very prominent, giving the area a greenish cast that doesnt look quit appealing. How can you conceal this?
Ensure that you prep the lip area with a rich lip  balm like carmex or vaseline regularly before applying make up. you can use some concealer in a shade or two darker than your skin tone all over the lip area to hide your veins before you use the lip color. red corrects green, so wear Reds, Burnt orrange or coral to offset the undertone.

HAIR:- If your scalp gets oily after just a few hours of shampooing. To counter this, start using a mild shampoo to fash your hair daily. If scalp is too oily and your hair has become dry. 
The natural oil secreted by the scalp is called sebum. you need to use sebum control shampoo and conditioner. follow the direction on the back of the bottles, observe the timeline and stop using the product when the problem is resolved. If and when the problem recures, go back to sebum control products. you can switch back and forth. but if the problem persists and you have no respite whatsoever, consult a dermatologist.