Can having a scalp massage regularly give you thicker hair?

Can having a scalp massage regularly give you thicker hair? 

Don't we all love massages? Just the thought of getting one makes you feel relaxed and how! We are going to speak about the good old scalp massage or champi that was recommended by our nani's and Dadi's. There's no denying that a scalp massage helps to relieve stress and tension, but at the same time does it promote hair growth?That's something we are going to discuss today!!
But before we get into the  details of a scalp massage lets first understand what it really means.Are you all set?

What is a scalp massage??


As the name suggests a scalp massage is meant to stimulate your scalp.It is not too different from a massage for your neck back or even body-just that a scalp massage requires more gentle motions. A lot of people do it without oil, but doing a champi with coconut or almond oil is always a good idea.

Some people also use massaging tools for the scalp,but trust me, the joy is unparalleled when you do it with your fingertips.

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Does a scalp massage promote hair growth?


This is a burning question and rightly so!As of now there has been little research done on this subject but a lot more needs to be established! According to a 2016 study researchers found out that regular scalp massages helped with thicker hair growth.The study saw the participation of nine men who got a four-minute scalp massage every day for 24 weeks. Another study in 2019 further validated this claim. The study that included survey responses from 340 participants found those who did scalp massages twice a day had reduced hair loss.

But why does it work?


Well, that's because a scalp massage focuses on the hair follicles, and when they are stimulated as a result of better circulation to the scalp you get healthier and faster hair growth.Moreover a scalp massage could also help to dilate blood vessels beneath the skin and that's another reason for hair growth. 

Here's how to massage your scalp for hair growth:-


There are various ways to massage your scalp. You could opt for a traditional scalp massage that involves just your fingertips.Apply little to medium pressure and move your fingertips in small motions on the scalp. Cover all areas properly. Do it for at least five minutes several times a day. Another tips is to massage your hair while washing your hair. Rinse your hair as usual. You  could also massage your scalp using various tools.There are various scalp massages available today that are simple to use and are pretty effective. The last option is to use your favorite oils to massage your scalp.Before using any oil do a patch test on the elbow or wrist.

Other tips for hair growth:-


If you want to grow thick and healthy hair, here's what you need to do.Make sure to stay away from excessive shampooing or brushing your hair.Don't fall prey to chemical treatments, because they are going to weaken your cuticles, and cause you much trouble. If you notice excessive hair fall, speak to your doctor about nutritional deficiencies because if your body does not get enough zinc,iron and biotin hair thinning can happen.   

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