Spring's Cutout Czarinas

 Spring's Cutout  Czarinas

Designers seem to be in no mood to bid adieu to the cutout trend anytime soon

Peekaboo cut-outs on the bust, back and waist exposing generous flashes of skin have been around for a while now.


And going by the spring Summer 21 outings, designers seem in no mood to say goodbye to them.

Seen at Fendi, Carolina Herrera, and Miu Miu, cutout accents redefine gowns, sheath dresses and slippery silks thus lending intrigue and drama to the otherwise conservative looks.


Moreover, Miuccia Prada merits a special mention for introducing tiny holes into her second skin knit wear.

Kaftan queen Pria Kataaria Puri suggests that cut detailed blouses and T-shirts can be worn with slouchy or boot-leg denim jeans.


Alternatively swimsuits or bodysuits with waist cutout details can be worn with shorts minis and palazzos in summer.

Having said that, I would like to add that the cutout trend should be worn more casually, even if the ensemble is formal.

Casual accessories such as sun glasses wedge heel and big boho bags will add the perfect touches.