4 summer cocktails to beat quarantine blues

4 summer cocktails to beat quarantine blues

The mercury levels are rising and we can't help but think of ways to get relief from this heat.

Dushyant Tanwar, Mixologist and Brand Manager, Monika Enterprises, shares a few of his favorite summer cocktail recipes.

Margaritas with Jose Cuervo Summer brings to us a variety of fruits we love to gorge on. A perfect time to beat the summer heat with a variation of a margarita with your favourite fruit.

* Jose Cuervo silver -- 60 ml Watermelon chunks or a fruit you like -- 3-4 chunks Lime juice -- 30ml

Sugar syrup -- 20 ml ( depending on how sweet your fruit is) * Muddle the fruit in a shaker. Add all the ingredients. Shake with ice and strain into a glass of choice. Garnish with a piece of fruit.

The Perfect Storm with Kraken Rum From the shores of Trinidad this beast set out to smack some cool into summer. Release the Kraken into your glass and look with some ginger eyes as raises "The Perfect Storm"

* The Kraken
-- 60ml Ginger Beer -- 180ml * Stir with Ice in a long glass Garnish with a squeeze of lime.

Holy Grail with Belenkaya Vodka This caffeine intense vodka cocktail with lovely flavours of pistachio will surely give you the perfect summer buzz.

* Coffee syrup -- 25 ml

Instant Coffee -- 200 gms

Brown Sugar -- 200 gms

Water -- 1Ltr

* Add all ingredients in a pan, heat. Stir till the sugar dissolves.

* Pistachio infused Belenkaya Vodka -- 60 ml * Soak a handful of pistachios in 300 ml of Belenkaya Gold for 1.5 hours. Strain and use. Left over nuts can be used for Garnish

* Saline solution -- 3 drops * Mix salt and water in the ratio of 1:4. So for 20 gms of salt mix 80 ml (80g) of water. Mix till it becomes clear * Shake all ingredients over Ice and double strain in a chilled cocktail glass or an old- fashion glass with ice Garnish with a twist of Orange and chopped pistachios.

Belle Reve with Brenne French Single Malt This fruit-forward and floral cocktail with a French single malt will surely remind you of a perfect summer day.

* Brenne whiskey -- 60ml

Cointreau -- 25ml

Fresh Grapefruit juice

15ml 1 dash orange bitters

* Stir with Ice. Strain into a rocks glass * Optionally, add one large cube, garnish with a single sprig of Rosemary.