Yoga Asanas to avoid Hair fall

 Yoga Asanas to avoid Hair fall

 Such is the state today that how to stop hair fall is one of the most commonly searched keywords on the internet. As we all know that the root causes of hair fall are stress, bad eating habits, smoking, diseases, hair dyes, genetic disorders no doubts these can be avoided but:-


Is there a solution to hair fall?

Rather than pull your hair out in frustration, why don't you try yoga to stop hair fall? Yoga is definitely a very powerful and safe remedy it not only helps in dealing with hair loss problems but also helps in the regrowth of lost hair. All you need to do is perform yoga for at least half an hour a day and lead yourself a better and healthier future.

There are various yoga Asanas for hair fall control:- Asanas which involve forward bending works well for hair loss problems as it enhances blood circulation. Blood circulation nourishes the roots of the hair and as a result one can observe the changes in the hair growth and reduction of hair loss over a period of one month or so. One should perform these yoga Asanas religiously on a daily basis to attain various health related benefits. Here are few Yoga poses one must try !!


1.ADHO MUKH SAVASANA (Downward Dog Pose):-


Start with all four limbs in a straight do position. The elbows and knees should be straight. Now, push the hips out and pull the stomach inwards so that the body makes an inverted 'V' shape.

The legs should be hip wide apart and hands should have a shoulder’s distance in between them. Elongate the neck and press the palms to the ground. Hold this position for a few breaths. This asana enhances your blood circulation to the head. It is also effective against the common cols as it improves sinus activity. It can also be helpful for insomnia, depression and mental fatigue.

2. UTTHANASNA(Standing forward pose):-


Stand with hands above head or in Tadasna(Mountain pose). The spine should be straight with the feet a few inches apart. Inhale and lengthen the spine. Exhale, hinge the hips and bend forward upper body to move the hands towards the floor. Knees can be slightly bent to avoid any strain on the legs and lower back. Bring the fingerprints down to touch the floor, if possible. The effort should be to put the body weight on the balls of the feet. Remain in this position for a few breaths and then relax. This asana is useful in reducing tiredness and fatigue.

3.PAVANMUKHTHASANA (Wind-relieving Pose):-


Lie down straight on the back. Take a breath in and pull right knee towards chest and clasp it in your hands. With exhalation take the forehand towards the right knee. Remain in this position for a few seconds, breathing in and out gently. Take a breath in and put the head back. While exhaling put right leg back on the floor. Repeat this process with the left leg and then with both legs.

This asana helps in eliminating toxic gases trapped in the intestines and aids digestion.

4.SARVANGANSANA (Shoulder Stand):-


Lie down straight on the back. Pull both legs upwards so that the lower body is slightly elevated. Keep both pals pressed firmly on lower back and hip region, in a way that the palms are supporting the back. Now with the help and support of your hands, push lower back upwards while simultaneously pulling legs. The whole weight of the body is supported by the shoulders and hands. While coming down, let the back slowly come down with the help of hands and then slowly lower the legs.

Don’t let the body fall as it may cause a jerk/pain in the back. People who have difficulty with this can do the Setubandhasana.

5.VAJRASANA (Diamond Pose):-


Unlike other postures this asana can be done immediately after eating food. Simply bend knees and sit on buttocks. Sides of soles should be kept as close as possible. The spine and should be straight. Take heavy breaths and steady rhythm. Hold this posture for 2-8 minutes.

This asana helps in reducing stomach gas, improves digestion and helps in weight loss and urinary disorders.


Most people suffering from hair fall have complained that stress is a big factor causing the thick mane of hair to thin horribly. Along with yoga, pranayama has shown to be the best antitode to stress. Moreover, it is not only an effective way to enhance hair growth, but it also helps improve your overall well being.

6. KAPALBHATI PRANAYAMA ( breath of fire):-


Sit in sukhasana or vajrasana. Keep your right palm on navel and relax. Then, thrust your stomach inward and exhale a gust of air from the nose. Let the relaxation of stomach muscles bring the air back into the body and then repeat the forceful exhalation. Continue it for 15-20 times and then relax. Repeat this for two to three rounds.

In this Pranayama the brain cells receive more oxygen. This is beneficial for the nervous system, cured obesity diabetes and removes body toxins.

7.BHASTRIKA PRANAYAMA (Bellows breath)


Sit in sukhasana. Make light fists and bring them close to shoulders with elbows tucked at the side. The body should be straight and relaxed. With a forceful breath in, take the hands up and open the fists. Exhaling forcefully, let the hands fall into the starting position with palms again turning into front-facing fists. Repeat this for 12-15 times for two to three rounds. Relax after each round.

This pranayama purifies the nervous system, while also removing excess bile, wind, and phlegm form the body.