Radhakrishn Punarmilan Star Bharat Cast, Story, Episode Written Update


Radhakrishn Punarmilan Star Bharat Cast, Story, Episode Written Update

(By- Gaurika Sharma)


Sam advises Krishna that Tula Dan is the best way out to this problem as each Queen will weight Krishna with their wealth and give it to the opponent King and whichever queen wins this test will sit with Krishna in this Yagna. Krishna asks Sam to arrange the weighing scale.

After hearing this Devi Gauri gets tensed about Sam’s trick. Mahadev says Sam has no idea that no one in this universe can weigh Krishna as he is heavier than the world because he is Lord Narayan.

Balram shows a weighing scale to Krishna and asks weather he likes it or not. Krishna asks Dau that can this Talu Daan be able to handle his weight.

Balram says that he will sit in it and show him. Krishna Jokes. While Radha enters in and rishna asks about Ashthabharis. Ashthabharis walk in. Radha asks them to weight Krishna from their wealth according to their seniority.

Krishna’s Youngest wife Bhadra says that she brought wealth more than Krishna’s weight and puts wealth in thr other side of weight, but gets shocked when she saw that the scale did not even move a bit.

Krishna’s remaining wives try next and are surprised to see themselves failing. Narad is also shocked and says that nobody is winning.


Radha realizes its Krishna’s  magic and the Talu Dan will complete only if Krishna’s desire is fulfilled. Sam says that his mother is not given a chance yet. Balram asks if he has that much wealth.

Sam calls his servant with trunks full of gold and says he has gold worth more than that of Dwarka.

Balram is astonished and asks that from where he has got all this gold.. to which Sam replies that it’s there with his mother’s love.

Radha says she shouldn’t compare love with wealth. Sam asks everyone to accept defeat and announce her mother as winner. Krishna asks him to keep the gold on the other side.

Sam pours in all the wealth but fails to lift Krishna an shouts about how is that possible. Krishna tries to explain that his god had arrogance in it.

Satyabhama says that she realized that Krishna wants to donate more gold and puts Shyamantak Mani on thr other side of the scale. Krishna’s side lifts up but as soon as Satyabhama says that only she can weight Krishna. Krishna’s side falls down again. Styabhama  gets tensed and put in left over gold but fails.

Radha asks Rukmini to try next but she refuses by saying that she doesn’t have enough gold. Radha insists her. Rukmini agrees and goes to her room and says Radha that no gold in this world can weight Krishna. Rukmini says that she has many jewelries but two bangles are very precious. Rukmini enters and puts her two bangles in scale. Sam laughs saying that if she was sure and really wanted to weight Krishna with just two bangles. Krishna’s side lifts up. 


Everyone gets shocked but Sam says that Rukmini didn’t win as Krishna’s side is still down.

Radha comes to rukmini and gave her something in her hand and asks her to put it in the Talu Dan.. Rukmini does as it is guided and everyone gets shocked as the talu comes to the level and when they see what Rukmini kept was just a Tulsi Leaf.


Star Bharat's Radhakrishn Punarmilan Cast


Krishna - Sumedh Vasudev Mudgalkar

Radha - Mallika Singh

Balram - Basant Bhatt

Narrator - Saurabh Raj Jain

Golok Radha - Shivya Pathania

Rukmini - Zalak Desai

Lord Shiv - Tarun Khanna

Kans - Arpit Ranka

Samb - Kartikey Malviya

Ayan - Rushiraj Pawar

Golok Krishna - Himanshu Soni

Revati - Monika Chauhan

Arjun - Kinshuk Vaidya

Parvati - Piyali Munsi

Yashoda - Reena Kapoor

Draupadi - Ishita Ganguly

Lakshmanaa - Tisha Kapoor

Jamvanti - Manisha Saxena

Nanda Baba - Gavie Chahal

Vrishbhaan - Rakesh Kukreti

Jatila - Malini Sengupta

Kirtida - Akangsha Rawat 

Garuda - Vinit Kakar

Kunti - Resha Lonkar

Yudhishthir - Kanan Malhotra

Devaki - Falak Naaz



Star Bharat's Radhakrishn Punarmilan Timings


Radhakrishn serial timing

Star Jalsha- 1:30 pm

Star Suvarna - 10 pm , 10:30 pm , 11pm

Star Bharat- 9 pm



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