6 best foods that will keep you cool this summer


6 best foods that will keep you cool this summer

(By- Gaurika Sharma)

As we all know mercury level is rising, the scorching sun has the potential to drain us out completely. If we keep ignoring this, we are putting our bodies at higher risk.

Cooling foods have the ability to clear heat toxins.

Many feel dehydrated during summer months and experiencing low energy level is another symptom of being hit by it. Hence, it is important that we should take extra care during the hot season. From eating right to following certain lifestyle changes, we can beat the hazardous impacts of summer.

And now we are in a dire need of food to keep us cool.

Here are some foods listed below that will keep you hydrated and cool in these hot days:-


As if we needed another reason to eat more avocados this summer. Avocados are the fruit with the highest amount of mono saturated fatty acids, which help us remove heat and toxin from the blood.

Avocados are also easily digested, so your body will not need to work extra hard and create more heat to digest the food.


With so many options to choose from, you’ll have no issue finding the perfect citrus fruit for you. Citrus fruits are super cooling thanks to their ability to help break down fatty foods and aid in digestion. By helping with digestion, these fruits are making your body work less and ultimately produce less heat.


Bananas are an astringent food, which means it causes your tissue to shrink allowing for the adoption of more water which cools your core.

Bananas are a great cooling snack if you’re on the go and need something quick to boost your energy and cool you down. If you’re not in a rush and don’t feel like just peeling and eating the delicious fruit, try different ways to eat banana these could be making a shake of it or adding some chat masalas to it.


Cucumber’s high water content will help you stay as cool as it is and force you to eat your veggies when it’s hot out. Cucumber is diuretic so it will also help in flushing out toxins.(secret advice:- it also helps with hangovers and also aids in digestion).


Watermelon is the most essential summer fruit. No barbeque or pool party is complete without watermelon being served up as dessert.

This is probably not only because it is absolutely delicious, but watermelon is also super cooling and hydrating. Watermelon is made up mostly of water so it stays cold and when you eat it, it will maek you cool.


Put down the ice cream and pick up a bowl of yogurt this summer. Well it is not that yogurt is healthier but because yogurt has high water content which can help you stay hydrated during summers.