Want perfect skin in 1 week? Try this summer guide

 Want perfect skin in 1 week? Try this summer guide

With the weather on a roller coaster ride, our skin and hair are barely able to breathe so we eat out on a quest for some beauty routine changes that we need to make to prep up for the harsh summer, both in terms of diet as well as beauty regimes. Warmer air, harsh sunlight and lots of BBQ or pool parties can damage our skin barriers so, if you are looking for beauty tips whoch can save your skin, we got you sorted with a day-wise beauty routine along with fruits, vegetables and even dry fruits that can help you fix your skin within 7 days.

Day1:- Cleansing:-

The primary function of the skin is to protect the internal organs from external forces. The skin will not like sudden changes so give it some time by prepping it. That’s why a cleanser is a best way to start making sudden changes. First of all remove all the gunk and makeup from your face. Use coconut or jojoba oil . once its clean , use an alcohol free soap cleanser to get a refreshed look.

DIY:- Use 1/3 cup of grounded oats and 1/3 cup of green tea mix both ingredients thoroughly. Activate powder with the water and use it as a cleanser.

Day 2:- Protecting:-

“Prevention is better than cure” is the best phrase to understand why protecting the skin during summers is crucial. We usually look for remedies to revive our skin after the harm is already done. For instance, we pay attention to our skin after getting skin burns. So this summer dedicate a day to sunscreen. Don’t do DIY sunscreen as they are not very efficient.

Day3:- Taking care of your personal skin problems:-

According to what your skin is affected by, personalized care could be taken. Like, the skin prone to excess oil can be subjected to honey, apply a layer of raw honey and wait for a while before washing it off. Same is for dry skin freshly removed cream from milk with a little bit of turmeric and aloe vera gel. To enhance the benefits of going for a healthy tea concoction for an inside-out beauty routine is a brilliant idea.

Day 4:- Scrub:-

Exfoliation is a crucial beauty drill that everyone nowadays is aware of. Glowing skin doesn’t shine until we remove all our dead skin from our face and neck area.

Day 5:- Moisture retention:-

It’s time to replenish our skin with antioxidant-rich and hydrating facial oils. Facial oils are basically a combination of carrier oil or single carrier oil applied on your skin as a moisturizer.

Day 6:- Mask:-

Using leftovers such as vegetable and fruit peels you can go on day 5 for a fruity facial by making DIY masks followed by a nice stream!

Day 7:- Hydration:-

To ensure added hydration after a thorough skin rejuvenation, we still need to ensure that the skin is still bouncy and youthful, so you can opt for another round of fruity steam or mask or even go for a DIY face serum.