Your personality according to your zodiac sign

Your personality according to your zodiac sign

Well, there are many people in this world who truly and strongly believe in the power of zodiac signs. So, here we are with some personality  traits of all the Zodiac Signs.


The Aries sign imbues people with boldness, confidence and a natural inclination towards leadership. As a fire element sign, their energy makes them proactive and advancing, although they can easily fall prey to impulses and a short fuse.


The earth-element Taurus sign is marked by a self- healing, self-forgiving but sometimes self-absorbed nature. It provides people with the capacity to bear great tribulations with heart and lend this inner strength to others, supporting them like the sturdy  legs of a bull.


The Gemini sign bestows unto people a fickle but brilliant nature, with a drive to indulge their deepest curiosities and uncover the mysteries of the world. All of these whims can conflict with each other at times, sometimes leading to indecision and sometimes to impossible wonders.


The Air-element cancer sign signals duality, in a person, it depicts the marriage of their introspective, emotional depth and their shrewd intuition connected to the external, physical world. A cancer is blessed with a tough, prickly shell to conceal their tenderer aspects.


The leo sign emulated the nobility and prestige of the savannah’s most regal predator. It imposes a great appetite upon a person for power and praise, and a deep well of self-respect alongside it, although this can quicklu lead to indolence.


The virgo sign’s character is above all else, centered on productivity. Just as the sign itself is linked to agriculture, a Virgo is compelled to work hard to reap great bounties.


The water element Libra sign instills people with the virtue f harmony, propelling them to flow amongst people as a soothing balancing force. While such diplomacy can paradoxically make them non-confrontational, a Libra’s grace can convince many to side with them.


The Scorpio sign casts an obscuring but captivating shadow around people. Behind the veil a Scorpio is constantly watching, learning many tricks through simple observation. Deep down they can be quite volatile, but it is difficult to pierce through their thick shell.


This sign is the energy in motion, and the embodiment of a deep urge to stride fervently towards newer, greener pastures.


The Capricorn sign contains the essence of time, its management, and its mastery. It strengthens people to inexorable in pursuing schedules- even when it isn’t the most fun thing to do----- and steels them to be disciplined for the sake of themselves and others.


The Aquarius sign is beholden to innovation and revolution, and together these forces make a person adept at changing what has become stagnant in their surroundings. An Aquarian juggles the desire to conceal their true selves, with their otherwise strong self-identity.


The Pisces sign contains a surplus of psychic energy – or in more grounded terms, empathy and sensitivity. A Piscean often ends up baring their heart openly to pain – the cost of being able to acutely read the dispositions of loved ones and foes alike.