Top 3 Biggest Flop Bollywood movies

 Top 3 Biggest Flop Bollywood movies

Bollywood movies contains a big share in the economy. Sometimes, the producers who financed the movie project have to bear bigger losses. In India, more than 300 movies in a year get released in different languages. However, a very small percentage of movies get success in the box office. Movies which are big hit earn more profit and more love from the fans. But, the problem is with the flop movies. Some huge budget movies even turned a badly flop. So, here are the lists of top 5 bollywood movies which create a history in flop show are:

0  1.   Ra-One:-

Ra-one was a big budget movie and had a superstar Shah Rukh Khan as an actor. The story line was too bad and unorganized. The songs were quite famous among the audience but thid could not save the movie. The earned income of this movie was 250 crores.

     2.   Bombay Velvet:-

This is the biggest flop movie of actor Ranbir Kapoor. This movie earned only 31.85 crores. It was expected that this movie would earn a huge profit at the box office but it do not match the expectations of the viewers. Even actress Anushka Sharma and Director Karan Johar couldn’t make this movie a hit

 3   Roy:-

The movie was featured by Ranbir Kapoor, Arjun Rampal and Jackqueline. It was directed by Vikramjit Singh. The story was like a big headache for us. In between the movie, there were the past scenes and sometimes the present. It was too confusing to understand for the audience that what actually the story was.