Schwarzenegger Calls for Border Security and Immigration Reform on 'The View'

 Schwarzenegger Calls for Border Security and Immigration Reform on 'The View':- Arnold Schwarzenegger urges for a secure border during his appearance on 'The View' and emphasizes the need for comprehensive changes to the immigration system, which he describes as 'foolish.'

Schwarzenegger Calls for Border Security and Immigration Reform on 'The View'

On Monday, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former Republican Governor of California, appeared on "The View" and advocated for a thorough overhaul of immigration policies alongside the importance of a well-protected border.

Co-host Ana Navarro inquired, "You are one of the nation's most renowned immigrants and a former Republican governor of California during a more reasonable era for the party.

How do you view the ongoing immigration challenges and the developments at the border, especially with President Biden's decision to initiate construction of 20 miles of wall? Your perspective is particularly valuable."

Schwarzenegger expressed a moderate stance on the issue, emphasizing that there isn't a single solution to the problem.

He stated, "I've personally witnessed that this isn't a one-step solution.

To address the immigration challenge effectively, comprehensive immigration reform is necessary. It's crucial to approach this issue in a comprehensive manner.

First and foremost, I strongly believe in having an impenetrable border.

That's my top priority.

Secondly, it's important to make visas available for individuals seeking employment in the United States, so they don't have to resort to working illegally. It's impractical; we need these workers in the country."

Schwarzenegger pointed out the widespread presence of foreign workers and advocated for granting them visas to ensure they can work "within the bounds of the law."

He criticized the existing system, describing it as "ill-conceived" and one that essentially encourages unlawful activities.

Then he questioned why Democrats and Republicans couldn't collaborate on this issue rather than using it as a constant fundraising tool for their respective parties, and instead fulfill their duty to serve the public.

Further he stressed his belief in a highly robust border defense, particularly highlighting concerns related to "terrorism" and underscoring the significant threat posed by drug cartels.

"We must ensure a secure border, but the real focus should be on reforming our system, in my opinion," he concluded.

Schwarzenegger also mentioned that if he had been eligible due to his natural-born citizenship status, he would have considered running for the presidency.

The co-hosts of "The View" criticized the messaging of President Biden's administration concerning the border wall last Friday.

Co-host Sara Haines offered her perspective on how she would have handled the situation:

"Here's how I would have approached it - First, I would have put Biden in front of a microphone right away.

Schwarzenegger Calls for Border Security and Immigration Reform on 'The View'

He's known for speaking candidly.

I'd have him say, 'We won't be taking questions on this, but I need to be honest with you. This isn't my wall.

It's a wall authorized by Congress in 2019, and I'd be breaking the law by defying it, which we're already seeing too much of.

So, we're going to adhere to the law.'"

She expressed her opinion that the messaging was lacking in strength and appeared to be unclear.