Sunday, March 21, 2021

5 ways to protect your skin from Holi Colors


5 ways to protect your skin from Holi Colors

5 ways to protect your skin from Holi Colors

The festival of Holi brings happiness, enthusiasm and rapture on one hand and the problem of taking off colors on the other. In the morning when we start playing Holi, we don’t think, that the color applied on our skin will even go off or not. 

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While playing Holi if only general precautions are taken, then these kind of problems can be avoided. If before playing Holi you take these measures then body can be safe from getting these colos. And, Holi can be enjoyed unperturbed.


Taking Care of your Skin during Holi:-

# If a day before Holi, mustard oil is applied on body, especially on face, hands and legs then the color can be removed from the skin easily. Additionally this oil should also be applied on hairs. By this, you can protect your hairs from damage caused by colors. Hair containing oil, store less color comparatively.

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# If anyone doesn’t like applying oil, then instead a lotion can also be used. After this, you can apply as much color you want, since, no strong color will be ale to stay on your skin.


# Holi should never be played with chemical colors. For this, you can before hand tell your friend that colors containing chemical are not safe for skin.

# To protect your skin from adverse effect of colors, you can apply sunscreen lotion on your body. This can possibly decrease the chemical effect of color.

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# While playing Holi you should apply this near your eyes and even on your eye lashes. This can protect your eyes from the harmful effect of colors.


Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Style tips for pairing Jewelry with your outfits


Style tips for pairing Jewelry with your outfits

Your style is best defined by the types of clothes you wear and how you put them together with accessories like handbags and jewelry.

Though the outfit is the canvas, accessories like bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earning help to bring your fashion sense full circle.

With jewelry being that extra ump, that finishing touch, it can take an outfit from boring to stylish in an instant.

However, with so many jewelry options to choose from, knowing how to pair it with your clothes may be a bit challenging.

Here are some suggestions to help you out:-

Remember, you’re the Focal Point:-

One thing that must be kept in mind is that your clothes and your jewelry should never overshadow the focal point- you. When you’re walking down the street, yes you want people to notice your trendy outfit and complimentary jewelry, but you don’t want them to be so focused on what you have on that they forget you.

Therefore as you’re paring or shopping for jewelry remember to keep the size of the piece and the layout.

For instance, if you have a very small framed face you don’t want to  get oversized earrings that will make your ears look weighted down.

Instead you want lighter earrings that helps to elongate the face.

Every piece should match the tone and context of the Occasion

While fashion rules have certainly gotten a bit looser over the years, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still some rules you should apply when pairing your jewelry with your outfit.

For instance, considering the context and tone of the event or occasion.

If you were going to a wedding for example you might purchase a diamond necklace from custom jewelers in San Diego to go with a gown you’ve purchased for the wedding. However, if you were headed for a girl’s night out, you might want to tone it down with some costume jewelry instead of going full-on bling.

Jewelry should match your Skin Tone:-

Your jewelry should not only match your skin tone.

Try to choose stone colors and metal options that will bring out the natural hues in your skin. There is an array of different colors to choose from.

There’s also more metal types than silver and gold so be sure to explore your options. While there’s no right or wrong when matching your skin those with darker skin might look better in gold while those who are more fair skin might look better in silver or rose gold. You might choose blue or a green emerald to match your eyes.
Choose pieces to go with Multiple Outfits:-

Although having a few custom made signature pieces of jewelry may be nice for those fancy occasions, the best jewelry options are those staple jewelry items that can be paired with multiple outfits.

As you’re shopping for jewelry be sure to look for pieces that could be paired together with several options in  your wardrobe.

Then you can mix and match pieces to make your outfit unique in every time you wear it.

Less is sometimes more:-

Though layering can be very stylish with clothing and jewelry, sometimes less can really be more. There are times when having on six or seven bracelets isn’t going to be comfortable for what you’re doing. Over-accessorizing takes away from the outfit and more importantly, it takes away from you. So as you’re pairing jewelry be sure that you’re not going overboard with quantity. A simple necklace and earring combo can be ideal for a day trip to the mall or out with friends while a layering effect might be great if you’re hitting a happy hour or going out dancing.

Jewelry is meant to be a complimentary item that helps to illuminate your style and personal beauty. The best way to pair your jewelry with your outfits is to remember that you’re the focal point, the clothes are the canvas, and the jewelry is the finishing touch. Purchasing jewelry that matches your personality, outfit, skin tone, and style will give you that added confidence you need every day walking out the door.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Spring's Cutout Czarinas

 Spring's Cutout  Czarinas

Designers seem to be in no mood to bid adieu to the cutout trend anytime soon

Peekaboo cut-outs on the bust, back and waist exposing generous flashes of skin have been around for a while now.


And going by the spring Summer 21 outings, designers seem in no mood to say goodbye to them.

Seen at Fendi, Carolina Herrera, and Miu Miu, cutout accents redefine gowns, sheath dresses and slippery silks thus lending intrigue and drama to the otherwise conservative looks.


Moreover, Miuccia Prada merits a special mention for introducing tiny holes into her second skin knit wear.

Kaftan queen Pria Kataaria Puri suggests that cut detailed blouses and T-shirts can be worn with slouchy or boot-leg denim jeans.


Alternatively swimsuits or bodysuits with waist cutout details can be worn with shorts minis and palazzos in summer.

Having said that, I would like to add that the cutout trend should be worn more casually, even if the ensemble is formal.

Casual accessories such as sun glasses wedge heel and big boho bags will add the perfect touches.


Monday, February 22, 2021

The launch of Calris Craft and Cafe! By Prince Khurana

 The launch of Calris Craft and Cafe! By Prince Khurana


Calri’s Craft and Café is all set to launch their first ever store on Saturday, Feb. 20, bringing an elevated style of dining and hospitality to the ground floor at, Hemritage centrals building, VIP road, Zirakpur.

Setting the tone for the Zirakpur location is founded by supermodel Prince Khurana. The Delhi born Prince Khurana is a model of sophistication, service-first humility and has passionately designed the café to give people a premium and a luxurious dine-in experience.


“We are thrilled to bring a fresh new place to the city. This is really the new hot spot on VIP road for a restaurant like ours that features an element of both luxury and elegance, but is also relaxed and approachable.”, says the founder Prince Khurana.

Creating an atmosphere that is both refined and accommodating is a point of personal pride for Calri’s. With an accent on visual glamour, you can’t help but notice the attention to detail that has been given to the ambiance of the café.
They have some lip-smacking American, Italian and European food. Calri's also serves some delicious healthy bites, shakes and beverages too for the calorie conscious.
“Given the times we are in with the Covid-19 situation, we’ve ensure that the kitchen operates with utmost safety while maintaining the highest standards of hygiene.”
says the founder, Prince Khurana. 
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Join in for a premium experience at Calris! 

Cost for two : ₹500 approx 
Timings: 10AM to 10 PM everyday
Contact : 9899888929 for reservations or bookings.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Some little tips for staying warm and stylish in winter


Some little tips for staying warm and stylish in winter:

Just because it's cold outside, that's no reason to not look your best. Here are expert tips for expressing your style and staying warm all winter long.

It makes us so confused that what to wear which looks good on you. So sometimes we wear dresses which look good but doesn't keeps us warm.

Here in this article i am gonna tell you some ways or styles by which you will get warmth and also you'll look stylish.



Instead of the typical blouse pair your skirt with a cute sweater this winter. You can layer a thin t-shirt under your sweater to ensure even more warmth. Pick your sweater according to your height. On the shorter side? Choose more fitted sweater. If you have some height the long shawl style is perfect. Just don't forget wearing long gum boots under this it's just a fantastic match.



Wearing a thin shirt under your sweater and then top of with a stylish coat looks just best of all. And in case you feel too hot you can remove your layers. Isn't it good? It just looks stunning and even you can wear your layers according to the temp. Or say atmosphere.



Try wearing fleece lined tights or leggings underneath your dresses, skirts and even pants. Fleece lined tights and leggings are still relatively thin material so you won’t look too bulky but you will be much warmer.



Turn heads with a stylish faux fur top layer such as a coat or vest. Glamour recommends keeping the rest of the outfit simple with a solid sweater and pants.



Turtlenecks are only for the ski slopes; wear a turtleneck under your blouse to keep you extra warm. Add color to your outfit with a stand out turtleneck, or keep the look more neutral. Depending on how tight you're your blouse fits, Stay warmer with a thicker material turtleneck such as wool.

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Trapping pockets of heat in your clothes while lengthening the lines of your limbs, these cottons are indispensable in a wintertime wardrobe. And here comes ribbed clothes stock it looks just awesome and I ould say that you must try wearing this as you will get good comments.



Silk is an extremely warm material and since it’s very thin, it's easy to layer underneath your winter clothes. Wear it under jackets, sweaters and dresses for another layer of insulation while still making fashion statements.



Keep your feet and legs warm while wearing a skirt or dress with knee high boots. Celebrity stylist's recommended to go up half size with your boots. As it shows nice body language.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

10 Best outfits to look cool in rainy season

 10 Best outfits to look cool in rainy season


Sitting over the window, with a hot cup of coffee legs curled up on the couch hands stretched out to feel the water droplets on your hand...that sounds like  a perfectly planned monsoon at home. And then comes Monday to destroy everything except the rain!!!

Now imagine getting out of your house for work! Oh that sounds so offended…Well here I am to help you out with some outfit ideas for the rainy days !!!



The denim jackets have been around and are one of those outfits worth every penny you invest in. They look cute in summers and can actually help you during those rainy days. Layer a tank with a denim Jacket- you can just pull it off when humidity kicks in or tie it at the waist just like the old times. Pair it up with ankle length denims and remember to fold it up further or go with a pencil skirt. The slip on shoes save you from the splatter as you walk. Plus, they are comfortable and make good statements. And not to forget you could either go for a hat or a cutesy transparent umbrella.



Unfortunately, most of us have to act like grown-ups and step outdoors to run errands or show up at work. But, how are you supposed to put in efforts when it’s pouring? Wear a knee length dress and up your style by sporting the classic trench. Monsoons are the best times to use that trench, so make the most of it.



Dressing up can be pretty therapeutic and sometimes make you feel that gloomy days are actually not so bad after all. For an evening party on a rainy day, go for a black dress, be it an LBD or not, and pair of ankle boots. They save your feet from getting soaked and your style quotient remains on paint. Besides, you can get some impeccable pictures on days like these. Either way, dressing up is a total win-win.

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A fan of jumpsuits? Then, here’s good news. It’s one of the most preferred costumes because it gives you coverage. Wear a jumpsuit, throw on slip-ons or sneakers, and you’re sorted just like that. A funky and vibrant waterproof jacket will brighten your outfit. If you’re looking to buy and umbrella invest in one that comes in polka dots patterns and adds an instant charm to your look.



One of the easiest and most effortless looks there is. You can go for an entire season just with a pair of leggings, a few tops, and a leather jacket. Rotate them using the same formula and you’re practically sorted with your monsoon closet.

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