Wednesday, October 14, 2020

How to choose an Attractive Instagram Username

 How to choose an Attractive Instagram Username

 Choosing your Instagram username is a very important yet difficult choice! It is the first decision you will make when you will join's what will define your account, and it is what people will use to search for you.


In this article, we'll cover how to choose the best Instagram usernames, so that you won't ever want to change it! Although Instagram makes it very easy to change your username if you feel the need in future.

Also a good username could make all the differences to the growth of your account.


Your username must be:-

# Easy to remember:- People will type it in search for you, so make sure it is as simple as possible and easy to spell.

# Relevant to your account:- If you post pictures of your favorite food, don;t opt for a username like @plantsnanimals or @greendrop.


# Clean:- Do not fill your username with random numbers or underscores,the neater it looks in your bio the better.

# Iconic:- Your Instagram username shall have a unique and recognizable icon sweet and short is the best.


How do I get the perfect Instagram usernames???

Well before you choose your username you must ensure what you are going to post on your account.

If its a personal account where you're just going to share your pictures with your friends and family then it is highly recommended to choose your name.


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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Use Aloe Vera gel for Skin Pigmentation

 Use Aloe Vera gel for Skin Pigmentation

(By- Gaurika Sharma)

Aloe vera is good not just for inflammation and rashes and dry skin but also for pigmentation. It is a remedy for it all. If you have small black spots on your skin then it is due to excessive amounts of melanin.


 Yes, due to the cell called melanocytes, the colour of the skin changes to a dark brown or black. Melanocytes are produced due to molanocytes, so the skin gets its own colour. On the other hand, when melanocytes are damaged or they become unhygienic or produce excessive amounts of melanin, then the skin starts turning black and appear in the form of pigmentation on the face. This could happen due to several reasons like:

  • Hormonal changes

  • Sun exposure   

  • Genetic reasons

  • Allergy

  • Aloe vera is a wonderful medicine in Ayurveda. It is also very beneficial in eating and applying it on the skin also greatly benefits. In today's time, there is hardly any such cream or body lotion in which the aloe vera is not used.


     Aloe vera has Aloeine, a natural remodeling element that works to lighten the colour of the skin and acst as a nonotoxic hyperpigmentation treatment

    It is beneficial to use the PATANJALI ALOE VERA GEL as it is natural and has no side effects...even i prefer to use has been provided for online purchase:- PATANJALI ALOE VERA GEL.

    Apart from this, Giberelin found in Aloe vera gel is helpful in making new cells which reduces skin scars quickly and naturally. Therefore, Aloe vera also works with skin cleansers. By mixing aloe vera with rose water, it is removed in a few days by putting it on pigmentation.

Every woman has a desire to get a good skin. But nowadays,  we women are unable to take care of it due to several reasons starting with our hectic lifestyles, pollution, negligence and stress. This inturn leads to many skin problems like pimples, acne, hyper pigmentation, blackheads etc. This effects our confidence when it comes to the way we look, we accept it or not is another debate altogether.


 As an answer to this, we have an ingredient which is easily available in the market or can be grown in our gardens, and that is aloe vera. This plant is a solution to many problems.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Does hair and nails need food to grow?

Does hair and nails need food to grow?

Well yes. No doubt you know that eating healthy is good for you in a plethora of ways---- it can decrease your risk of disease, improve your immune system, increase your energy levels and even affect your sleeping habits. But did you know certain foods can improve the way you look, too? Read on to find out which nutrients will give your hair and nails extra luster, strength and shine.

1.       1. Biotin/Vitamin H:-

Biotin can improve hair that is splitting or thinking as well as strengthen weakened nails. Taken with zinc and the corticosteroid clobetasol propionate, biotin has even been used to treat alopecia an autoimmune skin disease marked by the loss of hair. “A deficiency in biotin may result in brittle hair or even hair loss.”

2.       2.Omega-3 Fatty Acids:-

To get shinier hair introduce more Omega-3 into your diet which “ help support scalp health and may give your locks extra luster and shine”. The three active ingredients----alpha-linolenic acid are all essential fatty acids and are important components of the stratum corneum, which is the outermost layer of the epidermis that contains keratin and has water-holding capabilities. Deficiency in essential fatty acids can result in dry scalp or dandruff.

Foods to try:- Eggs, flaxseed, fish oil, mackerel, salmon, sardines, spinach, tuna and walnuts.

3.       3.Protein:-

Protein intake is important for many reasons, notably when it comes to hair and nails. Both “ are made of structural proteins known as keratin, so adequate dietary protein is important for providing the building blocks for growing strong hair and nails.

Foods to try:- Chicken, eggs, lean red meats, low fat dairy, nuts, seafood, soya beans and whole grains.

4.      4. Vitamin A:-

Vitamin A helps produce a conditioning substance for the scalp known as sebum which keeps hair looking and feeling healthy.

Foods to try:- Apricots, broccoli, cantaloupe, carrots, cheddar cheese, egg yolks, mangoes etc.

5        5.Zinc:-

Zinc is another nutrient active in helping the immune system function properly. Zinc is a component of hundreds of enzymes in the body some of which regulate the body’s ability blocks of healthy hair and nails.

Foods to try:- Cashews, Green beans, lean beef.




Friday, June 19, 2020

Tricks for girls with thin hair

Tricks for girls with thin hair

Everybody is busy trying to find the right hairstyle for themselves, some succeed in getting the tone and style right, while others just keep dreaming. Girls with thin hair have a troubling time deciding on how to style their hair, here is a guide for them.

It is not fair that girls with thin hair should struggle in making a stylish hairstyle, after all everyone else is getting it right! But those who are getting it right have good hair density, leaving the ones with thin hair behind. So here is a guide for those girls who have fine hair so that they can get the correct hairstyle and turn some heads.


This is how you start beginning with blow out, but before that you will have to remove the nozzle attachment; it helps to concentrate the heat and flatten the hair. You should keep the blow dryer on medium heat and then use a vent brush in order to lift the roots, and then once your hair has turned dry, blast your head with cool air. This will give your hair the much needed fullness and ill loosen up the blow dry.


When you have thin or fine hair you are actually struggling to get some volume, but there is a trick that will help you to get a fairly good volume. Start with a flat iron that has rounded edges and take one inch horizontal sections of hair and clamp down right at the roots. You should keep your wrist up and rotate the iron away from the roots, then hold this for 15 seconds. After you are done with the top layer you must clip it up and work your way underneath making use of the same technique. You will find that you have volume in your hair without the help of back combing or adding any styling products.


Get the beachy waves look, and for this you will have a weighing down effect on your hair. You should curl your entire head with a curling iron, begin with the roots and then go layer by layer, wrap small sections of your hair around the iron without actually closing the clamp. You must hold it here for 10 to 15 seconds and then unwrap, once you have finished use your fingers to gently comb through the curls, but do not use a brush as it will pull the hair out. Finish this by flipping your head over and roughing the roots and you do not really have to use any styling products, this should stay all day!


Try and set your hair with a very light weight hairspray if you do not want any extra holding after styling this is especially true when you are going outdoors. Test the hairspray beforehand if you are in doubt whether it is light enough. You could do this by spraying the product into your palm, and if the liquid is opaque then it is going to be too heavy for your fine hair.

Friday, June 5, 2020

At home salon and spa services are in trend

At home salon and spa services are in trend

The Indian beauty industry has been huge growth in the last 10 year, simply by paying close attention to its shoppers need. You are to busy to get your eyebrows done? the salon will come to you. Too tired to go shopping? just point and click. Worried about chemicals in your lotion? Go completely herbal. 

Over the last few years, growth in the cosmetics market has been driven by products that use natural or herbal components, practice sustainability and make efforts to reduce ecological damage, According to a report by the international market research firm research and markets, during the last decade, the herbal beauty care business has emerged as the new growth frontier for the beauty business in India.
At Your Door:- Both men and women are spending more on personal grooming, And the salon industry has packed.In spite of the rise of salon chains across the country, the last couple of years have seen a slight change. The Indian beauty consumer is changing and the marketplace needs to keep up.

The need for grooming services in the convenience and privacy of your home has spurred the growth of at- home salon and spa services companies. The domestic consumption story is high not only in the metros but this form of retail has made inroads even in tier II and tier III cities .
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Saturday, May 30, 2020

10 Latest Edgy Hairstyles for Medium-Length Hair

10 Latest Edgy Hairstyles for Medium-Length Hair

The scope for medium-length hair to be edgy is rather limited. Here are some edgy hairstyles for medium length hair that you could try out:

1.Beachy waves with a mess:

Beachy waves are the best for medium-length hair and you must give it a shot if you want to bring out the mysterious, sexy lady in you. A little tangled flair will spice up the look even more.

2. Fringed Layered Waves with Curly Ends:

This beautiful medium-length layered bob with subtle highlights and lowlights is just right for an utmost gorgeous look. Curl up the ends of the layers in inward and outward directions respectively and let the thick fringes swing over your forehead.

3. Side-Parted Waves with Bang and Spiral Ends:

Part your flowy golden blonde waves to one side, add a little volume to the crown and create spiral curls at the ends of the layers neatly. The lovely side sweep and the fresh white flower have given the hairstyle a classic look.

4. Wavy Layers with Braided Headband:

If you have medium-length layered hair with natural waves, you will just need a simple braided headband to look trendy. The precise centre part, the subtle curly ends and the jet black shade are some other specialties of this hairstyle.

5. Messy Rippling Waves with Fringes:

Firstly, section off the thin random fringes from rest of your reddish brown blonde hair. Now, create rippling waves on it, make it a bit tangled and let it cascade your shoulders. Simple!

6. Wavy Blonde Hair with Twisted Front:

Here is a sweet blonde hairstyle, which is quite popular among girls these days. Create a side part in your wavy hair, twist up the front locks along the hairline and secure it right behind the ear.

7. Low Twisted Bun with Textured Wavy Bang:

A low bun can always give you a stylish look. Here, the hair is twisted and turned into a small bun at the nape of the neck, while the rest of the wavy hair as well as the side bang are textured well.

8. French Twist with Volumized Top:

Say one hairstyle that stands the test of time and the elegant
French twist will top the list. Here, a modified version of it has been shown in which you need to volumize the top of your glossy dark brown hair and transform it into a French-styled twist at the back.

9. Jet Black Retro Textured Curls:

Well, retro can also be edgy, if you can pull it off properly. Check out this jet black retro hairstyle in which the side-parted hair is curled up and textured intensely for a classy, neat look.

10.High Top Ponytail with Layered Curls:

This is one of the best funky edgy hairstyles , if you are blessed with thick natural curls. Pull all your curls together at the top and create a ponytail as high as possible. The curls should swing all around your head and use a nice hair accessory to hide the elastic band.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Tips to look Bold and Beautiful

Tips to look Bold and Beautiful

(BY-Gaurika Sharma)


Begin with cleansing. Toning and can apply a good primer to conceal scars.
minimise open pores on the cheeks and create smooth texture overall. If you prefer to keep the 
makeup light. apply BB cream and if you prefer to go a bit heavy on base. put on foundation with a flat brush. Let it sit for a minute before you  set your base with a compact powder.


Since the focus is on the lips, Keep the cheeks subtle. For an istant glow, apply an apricot blush on the apples of your cheeks and behind with a golden highlighter. 


prepare by a moisturising with good lip balm. leave it on for a minutes and remove the extra with the help of blotting tisues. onece the lips feel soft and smooth, apply a matte marsala shade. In case, you dont own one yet, blend your red lipsick with brown one using lip brush to acheive a earthy marsala hue.


For Dry Lips:- A dark shade like marsala tends to show up craks on dry lips. Use a tooth brush to remove the dead skin compeletely from your puckers and use lip balm before aplying the color.

For uneven tone:-To camouflage tanned or uneven lip color, mix broun and red shades to create marsala. Apply to coats of brown and finish with hint of red to make it intence.

For thin Lips:- Make you pout look fuller with marsala shade. define the outline of your lips, away from a natural lip line and  apply the marsala color you can finish with a glose.

EYES :- Choose a shimmery light gold eye shadow and swipe on the lids. Define the upper lash line  with a quik sweep of brown eyeliner. Rim the waterline with a bronze eye pencil. you can add a glittery hlighter in the inner corners of the eyes. Brush out the lashes with volumising mascara.

SKIN :- If the corners of your lips are with peeling skin. Could this be an allergic reaction?
There could be a few causes at work here. This may be an allergy to a toothpaste or lipstick. it could also mean that you have a vitamin B or iron deficiency. so take iron, folic acid and B complex  supplements. Another cause could be dryness or that  you lick your lips too much. Sometimes it is  hereditary too. Avoid licking your lips and dont wear lipstick for awhile. use a lip balm or ghee if your lips get dry. Keep the corners of the lips hydrated by using a moisturising cream thrice a day. avoid lip gloses or toothpastes with menthol, mint  or an alcohol base. your dermatologist may give you a miled cortisone cream if there is too much inflammation.

MAKE UP :- If the veins around your lip area very prominent, giving the area a greenish cast that doesnt look quit appealing. How can you conceal this?
Ensure that you prep the lip area with a rich lip  balm like carmex or vaseline regularly before applying make up. you can use some concealer in a shade or two darker than your skin tone all over the lip area to hide your veins before you use the lip color. red corrects green, so wear Reds, Burnt orrange or coral to offset the undertone.

HAIR:- If your scalp gets oily after just a few hours of shampooing. To counter this, start using a mild shampoo to fash your hair daily. If scalp is too oily and your hair has become dry. 
The natural oil secreted by the scalp is called sebum. you need to use sebum control shampoo and conditioner. follow the direction on the back of the bottles, observe the timeline and stop using the product when the problem is resolved. If and when the problem recures, go back to sebum control products. you can switch back and forth. but if the problem persists and you have no respite whatsoever, consult a dermatologist.