Tricks for girls with thin hair

Tricks for girls with thin hair

Everybody is busy trying to find the right hairstyle for themselves, some succeed in getting the tone and style right, while others just keep dreaming. Girls with thin hair have a troubling time deciding on how to style their hair, here is a guide for them.

It is not fair that girls with thin hair should struggle in making a stylish hairstyle, after all everyone else is getting it right! But those who are getting it right have good hair density, leaving the ones with thin hair behind. So here is a guide for those girls who have fine hair so that they can get the correct hairstyle and turn some heads.


This is how you start beginning with blow out, but before that you will have to remove the nozzle attachment; it helps to concentrate the heat and flatten the hair. You should keep the blow dryer on medium heat and then use a vent brush in order to lift the roots, and then once your hair has turned dry, blast your head with cool air. This will give your hair the much needed fullness and ill loosen up the blow dry.


When you have thin or fine hair you are actually struggling to get some volume, but there is a trick that will help you to get a fairly good volume. Start with a flat iron that has rounded edges and take one inch horizontal sections of hair and clamp down right at the roots. You should keep your wrist up and rotate the iron away from the roots, then hold this for 15 seconds. After you are done with the top layer you must clip it up and work your way underneath making use of the same technique. You will find that you have volume in your hair without the help of back combing or adding any styling products.


Get the beachy waves look, and for this you will have a weighing down effect on your hair. You should curl your entire head with a curling iron, begin with the roots and then go layer by layer, wrap small sections of your hair around the iron without actually closing the clamp. You must hold it here for 10 to 15 seconds and then unwrap, once you have finished use your fingers to gently comb through the curls, but do not use a brush as it will pull the hair out. Finish this by flipping your head over and roughing the roots and you do not really have to use any styling products, this should stay all day!


Try and set your hair with a very light weight hairspray if you do not want any extra holding after styling this is especially true when you are going outdoors. Test the hairspray beforehand if you are in doubt whether it is light enough. You could do this by spraying the product into your palm, and if the liquid is opaque then it is going to be too heavy for your fine hair.