7 tips to look classy and comfortable this summer for boys

 7 tips to look classy&comfortable for boys this summer 

(By-Gaurika Sharma)

Casual dress code for men is perhaps men's best chance to express a true sense of personal style.
Whether you pefer something sleek or rugged, upscale or down-to-earth, men's casual wear is an open invitation to dress in what feels most comfortable to you.
Rather than focusing on formalities, dressing casually is about finding the right balance between comfort, individuality, and style- think fashionable yet functional outfits.



The freedom and flexibility of the casual dress code can be a little overwhelming. Most men will thus tend to retreat into the default foolproof outfit:  jeans, t-shirt and a cool pair of sneakers. But you will see later in this article that there are more subtleties to spice up your casual look.
We know, understanding all of the style nuances can seem daunting which is why we decoded some of the most common dress codes for men starting with the most casual and working our way up to the most formal.



Want to show off your toned body and still look decent? This is a great combo of oxford shorts with a grey fitted t-shirt with loafers. A hat is going to add a cool guy look.
Button-up shirts, can be worn with a coat on top for a formal fashion outfit. Another right outfit would be to have some sleeveless shirts. There's nothing more appropriate than this in summers. To give it a little stylish look, pick up your favourite jeans with it and wear it. We would recommend all the guys to buy light materials in summers.Fabrics such as linen,cotton and crepe are the best material for warm weather.



The right outfit can give confidence, and boost to you. It will also influence other to follow your fashion taste.Main-stream fashion trends get very boring. Try and change the styles, so that you can look different and unique. It shows your individuality if you dress up different rather than picking up the main-stream fashion outfit. Wear wide legged trousers instead of straight pants, they have been introduced as a new fashion trend.


When the trend of neon hit for women why should men lag behind so you can also buy a neon color shirt or trousers. Just remember that everyone cannot carry this look. Wear this orange jeans with a simple gray t- shirt and just leather sandals. Don't overdo otherwise it will turn into a fashion disaster rather than high fashion.

Beach party invite has arrived and you are still in deep thought as to the wardrobe that willbe perfect for the occasion. Keep in mind the location and event details. If you have got time for swim or surfing, pack your bathing suit also and this chic blue and orange stripped shirt with faded jeans and campsite loafers.



Embroided Bermudas are making rounds in the fashion arena.Belts are a man's accessory so tie it around. To keep the funk alive wear a pink button down shirt.



If the situation calls for something with a little class, you have three options : polos, long sleeve button ups, and short sleeve button ups.
As for polos they work well chino shorts, but you will be encroaching on preppy, which is not a bad thing. If that style is out for you, play it down with neutral colors,a tailored fit, and a pair of jeans.



 For button ups keep the heat in mind. Go for a light weight linen for long sleeves.
Plain light colored shirts are always an easy find, but if you can find plaid that won't give you a heat stroke, indulge in some patterns. Plain colors are staples for a reason, but don't get boring.



Discussing about the pants in a summer fashion article seems to be silly but though they are trendy and do give a classy look.Put your dark wash indigos away till fall and try out some lighter shades. Avoid "TRUE BLUE" and anything acid wash, but otherwise feel free to experiment on that end of the spectrum.


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