Avoid these mistakes while shampooing your hair.

Many of us complain of hair fall and frizzy hair; we also face issues of thin and non-shiny dull hair, especially during the hot and humid weather. Though the hair-related concerns are there in all the weathers lay an impact on our skin and hair; there are some mistakes that we commit while shampooing our hair that causes concerns.

Here are some mistakes that we should avoid during summers while shampooing our hair as due to excessive sweating and oil secretion there are various scalp-related concerns as well to be taken care off, it has to  be the right proportion and the correct technique for those good hair days, despite the season.

Second most important reason is not choosing correct shampoo based on your scalp.

We must choose the right combination. If our scalp is oily, we need cleansers, and if we have dry scalp we need protein-rich products for our hair. Also, we need to choose the type of hair while selecting the products. Like, curly and wavy hair requires different formulations as compared to the straight hair types.

# The third most important factor is not washing your hair properly:-

If you are have less time and are unable to wash your hair properly then you should better not wash it. It is advisable to use a dry shampoo. Whenever we rinse our hairs so badly and harshly that we end up breaking them. We need to wash them with patience and gently so that they don’t get damaged.

# Next comes skipping applying oil on your hairs:-

Oiling is very important to provide nourishment to your hair. Applying oil to your hair and gently massaging them with your fingertips is very essential for hair growth and protection.